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Altar clothes, altar frontal, funeral pall...

Funeral pall
Black Moiré and silver straight braids.
Funeral Pall Motif
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Infant Jesus of Prague
Antique statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague, circa XVIIIth century, dressed with new vestment.
Crown of the Infant Jesus of Prague
Brass crown in which the fake stones had replaced by true gemstones: topaz (yellow and blue), Iolites (dark purple), Saphirs (dark blue), Zircons (clear), Amethysts (purple) and Garnets (dark red).
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Damask Altar frontal
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Altar linen St Silas
Made in pure linen damask.
Altar Linen St Silas Cross
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Ribbon of the CMMC
Chaplains of Mary Mother of the Church
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Purple silk Altar frontal
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