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             I am an independent Vestments maker, working in South of England. I am also Designer, Artist, hand and machine Embroiderer.

      My purpose is to offer custom made traditional liturgical garments for the service of altar in any Church.


                All vestments are hand-made. Patterns are designed by me from the inspiration of antique vestments.

      I am careful to use materials with natural fibres such silk, cotton, hemp or derivatives, all are made in UK or EU.


                     All projects are made with care, fidelity of the traditions and on custom order. Almost all can be made again, identical or in different colour or with different shapes, fabrics, braids, motifs...

             The choice is wide. For example, traditional chasuble can have many different shapes: Roman, Gothic, Semi-Gothic or Conical. It is similar with copes, dalmatics and stoles.

           Do you have your own project in mind, about any liturgical garment? I will be glad to discuss with you about it.


          For any project, I offer a quote with all possible details and schemas. A deposit -not refundable- of about 50% of the final price is asked for validation of the project and for work to begin. Once the work completed, the full payment becomes due.

          Please allow 2-12 months for completion depending of the complexity of the project. However, it is possible to agree a deadline for specific occasions, please just ask.


         Should you have any questions or inquiries, please feel you free to contact me.



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