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Comper Jay Damask

Sir Ninian Comper (1864-1960) arguably one of the greatest of the Victorian Gothic Revival architects commissioned 7 designs from the Company M.Perkins & Son. 

           Being passionate about fabrics and seeking for a proper liturgical damask, I have commissioned from this company the re-weaving of one of the original patterns. I have chosen this elegant pattern called "Jay". 

          The silk damask Jay is now available in Ivory and actually exclusive to my workroom. 

 The Comper Jay Damask:

 -composition: 100% silk 

-colour: ivory

- Width: 57"  (143 cm)

-Repeat pattern: 11"1/2 (28,5 cm) in the width and 37" (94 cm) in the length.

In order to appreciate the pattern better, the fabric is shown in a slightly darker shade.


Projects done with the Comper Jay (CJ) Damask

Comper Rosary Cope (2).jpg

Rosary CJ

Celesta (2).jpeg

Celesta CJ


Milano CJ

St Matthew CJ (2).jpeg

St Matthew CJ


Guadalupe CJ


Altar Frontal

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